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conspiracy theories dating back to 5th century BC

2014.03.12 23:41 fallingwhale06 conspiracy theories dating back to 5th century BC

These can be conspiracy theories dating anytime from Pre-history to the Renaissance. They don't all have to be ancient really, I just wanted the subreddit to have a cool name. Also, If you want to make up your own conspiracy theory, feel free do do so.

2011.02.18 23:03 Patrick_M_Bateman Asparagus


2014.06.30 00:35 TheseusAegeus The Ancient Mediterranean

A home for any interested in the civilizations of Mediterranean antiquity. Ask questions, seek knowledge, and explore the legacy of mankind!

2020.10.28 23:13 Extension_Cord_ Advice on sitting down and talking it out?

This is my first post on Reddit so I guess let me know how I did?
It’s been a little over 2 months since the break up and yesterday would have been our one year. Happy anniversary C. I had a solid month or so of NC and writing out message after message that I never sent before she reached out for the first time. The expected “what I did was terrible, you didn’t deserve it, we need to sit down and talk, etc” and I turned it down saying I wasn’t ready yet.
It’s been a rough couple of months with a death of one of my coaches, the whole pandemic thing, and school but I’ve been trying to heal. With college season around the corner and some applications due at the end of this month I decided that I would reach out to try and set up a time to talk in person after the month was over and my plate was emptier. Of course she texts me three days ago saying she really wants to sit down and talk and I told her my whole plan.
My plan is to find a neutral place that we can go and talk about things and explain our thoughts and everything. I like the idea of taking a walk instead of sitting and talking because when the awkward silence strikes it’s quite uncomfortable when you’re just sitting there. I’m just looking for any advice about how I should go about this talk? I have spent most of my waking and sleeping hours thinking through all of the possible scenarios and what I should say or what to bring but some objective ideas would be real appreciated.
Just a little background on the relationship: It lasted 9 months, the usual spending all the time together once she got back from school and facetimes every night, planning future, parties and holidays etc etc, she had broken up with me before bc she was all sorts of stressed out and tried to push everyone away, we worked it out and all but then she went out of town while I was out of town a couple months later and things happened and she kissed some guy she had dated a long time ago and apparently never got over, she said that she couldn’t stay in a relationship where she wasn’t being 100% true and all that, so it ended over the phone at 2 am the morning of first day of my senior year so the omens were just looking great for this school year, I miss her so much and I really would try it again but I’m so torn man she wants to be friends because she got introduced to my friend circle and now everyone is close but we are broken up so yeah, I don’t know what to do but I would love to keep the idea of working shit out on the table until I can’t anymore you know? Anyways I hope that gives some idea of the situation I’m dealing with.
Of course I don’t expect to get responses on this I just have read and seen the support on this sub and I decided to give it a try. Thanks in advance, best wishes on your recovery journey.
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2020.10.28 23:02 Extrahotsauce97 I passed my nclex in 75 questions !!

Okay I’m posting here because I’ve been watching post on here since I finished my bsn on sept. I wish I actually took half the advice but luckily I passed.
No I did not extensively study because I am plainly a piece of shit. I graduated sept 4th ( comprehensive ati was my final an I got a 79 which was a 97% chance of passing nclex on first try) deadass did not touch a single nclex item since because I can’t study without a test date.
Finally October 20th I got my att code while on a 1:1 at work and immediately signed up for a date. Only date that worked was oct 26th, merely 6 days to study. I signed up anyways. Studied that night using uworld ( which I purchased that night after my att code) Only used uworld bc again I am a piece of shit. Highest I got on a practice quiz ( I didn’t purchase the predictor only the question bank) and it was a 58%. I was scared shitless. But everyone convinced me to take the exam anyways and it passed my schedule date. Monday comes around, I go in 30 mins early ajd start my exam, after 75 it goes to the research questions and I didn’t even realize they didn’t count until I submitted my exam. But today exactly 48 hours later ( and 8 bucks ) I found out I passed!
The moral I wanna say for studying that it doesn’t matter if you read the rationale on what you use, do y understand why that rationale was used? That’s what helped me bc it made me go through the nclex as uworld taught me to think. I also wanna give a side note : I’ve been doing online nclex style exams since fundementals of nursing in college. That’s how my Univeristy gave us exams.
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2020.10.28 23:02 Heaven1980 My Bishop was a hateful bastard

My family lost our home to fire and My husband went to his EQ Pres and Bishop for assistance with our motel room til we can move into our apartment on Nov 5th. The Bishop acted like we tried to get him to rob a bank and pay for it out of his pocket. He called me a liar for no reason. The man doesnt like me because I wouldnt date him many years ago. I am so lost. I have a little girl and I am 5'2 and weigh 112. I dont stand a chance if someone wants to beat me up. What do i do?.its crap like this that made me leave the church to begin with, now my usually devoted LDS husband sees what i was saying all along. Any ideas where i can get help to cover my room for a couple nights? Its only $230 but it may as well be a million bc I am so broke
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2020.10.28 23:00 kryptnight Bf is breaking things off for religion- is it really because of religion or did that just help him find a way end it?

Bf is breaking things off bc he changed to a very strict religion; says he still loves me, we still act like we are dating.. but he said we are “just friends” and is wanting to end the sex ASAP- until he gives in again. Says he needs to date someone of that religion -which I’m not. So is it really because of religion or did that just help him end it? Should I back off to help or keep being a “girlfriend” until he’s just 100% done with me?
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2020.10.28 22:49 20JC20 Everything is great except.. surprise surprise... my relationships, chart below

Everything is great except.. surprise surprise... my relationships, chart below
Hey there everyone,
Ive been studying astrology for about 3 years now. But it feels as if i have barely scratched the surface sometimes lol . I have a question about how to be attracted to someone who will reciprocate in terms of my chart and what I need to do differently.
Virgo sun, Virgo Venus, Jupiter in Virgo
Leo Moon, Mercury in Leo
Saturn in 10th house Aquarius
7th house in Scorpio, Pluto in Scorpio 7th house
My career life so far always seems to be lucky, and even if i take risks i succeed.. i never have to worry that my career or school will be a failure and i can see with Jupiter in virgo, sun in virgo, and saturn in good placements for work and career and karma are all positive
But my emotional and romantic relationships are always intense, like soooo intense, but then leave me devastated. The men always reciprocate at first and when they finally break up with me the men always say how perfect iam, how loving and caring i am, how fun i am, how independent and strong and dont require someone to take care of me... and how i deserve to get everything i want bc all i ask is to have equal reciprocity, but they cannot reciporcate... This has been told to me by all three men ive been in love with and dated for years on end. Im not trying to sound like im on my high horse or something, this is literally how every freaking break up as gone. How im "wifey" material and they are just not in love with me... im so tired of it and so defeated and so sad and tired of hearing this but it doesnt ever work out.
Is there any way to tell in my chart if ill have any positive relationships in the future? Thank you so much for anyone who can provide me with some insight.
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2020.10.28 22:38 pinkyphoto Disclosing stories

I’ve been recently diagnosed with hsv and have yet to start dating again bc honestly I’m scared/nervous about how people will react when I tell them.
What are some of your stories on disclosing to your partner about hsv? How did you tell them or how did it come up? What was their reaction? How did they/you handle telling them?
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2020.10.28 22:14 phillygoat [NM] Tag Heuer Twin Time Wv2115 - 90 spots at $10/ea with no spot limit.

Item Name: Tag Heuer Twin Time Wv2115
Price: 900
# of Spots: 90
Previous Raffle $900 on April 10, 2020
Price Justification: $975 on july 16th
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Call spots? Yessir
Spot limit per person? nope
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Will ship international? USA
Timestamp/pics: pics & timestamp & sexxxy previous raffle pics
Escrow: Yessir, u/phillygoat for u/Afloodofbeer
Description: Up for raffle today is gorgeous Tag Heuer Twin Time. This watch really looks great for a watch from 2004 (date on the card). This watch runs great & crystal is perfect. It Has small hairline scratches on case and clasp but they aren’t really noticeable. Overall a very clean, sharp timepiece.

PayPal Info: https://www.paypal.me/phillygoat

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
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2020.10.28 21:59 billdb [Week 8] ACC Football Predictions and Results

ACC Football - Week 8

Welcome back to ACC Football Predictions! Pick the winner for each game and I'll post the results in the following week's thread. Keep track of your record and see how you fare as the season progresses! These threads are posted every Tuesday-ish.
NOTE: Please do not edit your comment after the first game begins.
Date/Time (ET) Away at Home TV
Sat at 12:00 PM Wake Forest at Syracuse ACCN
Sat at 12:00 PM Boston College at #1 Clemson ABC
Sat at 3:30 PM #4 Notre Dame at Georgia Tech ABC
Sat at 4:00 PM Virginia Tech at Louisville ACCN
Sat at 7:00 PM Charlotte at Duke ESPN3
Sat at 8:00 PM #15 North Carolina at Virginia ACCN
On Bye: Florida State, Miami, NC State, Pitt
This table is best viewed at https://old.reddit.com/acc.
How To Watch: ABC, ESPN, ACCN, and ACCN-X games can be viewed on ESPN.com/Watch. Don't have a subscription or can't find a game? Try /cfbstreams!
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2020.10.28 21:59 anonopous I've had grievances about my attorney in my case that's been dragging on since last year, the judge refuses to allow change of council, & state legislature has not (from my perspective) been complied with during proceedings. All this & my trial doesn't have a date.

I'm in the pre-trial phase of facing a total of 10 charges consisting of Resisting or Obstructing an Officer(946.41(1)), Disorderly Conduct(947.01(1)), and Bail Jumping-Misdemeanor(946.49(1)(a)) (each with multiple counts), and the 10th charge making it a felony case 'Attempt Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer'(940.203(2)). All statute references are made to WI state legislature. All events mentioned were in WI.
The case was opened almost exactly a year ago, but the earliest charges date back to January 2019. I was committed to county jail from October 2019 to January 2020. In that time my public defender raised questions about my competency to proceed (on grounds I cannot effectively assist him in a reasonable defense), court agreed, ordered examination, I was examined (under very unfair circumstances), & the judge ruled in favor of commitment under 971.14.
There are a number of reservations I have about the court legal proceedings explained thus far. I this is a matter of civil liberties & someones right to autonomy:
Examiner's assessment was conducted under very unfair circumstances 1) after I'd been in solitary confinement for over a month, & 2) with a door between the Examiner & me that only allowed viewing of my head, plus things I won't mention now.
I've had concerns about my public defender's performance since he failed to get the examiner's report to me until after a hearing about the validity of the report, at which point I didn't have enough information to refute it. The PD did, however, read to me the examiner's report & findings through a door on the evening previous to the competency hearing and, upon my request for a copy, say he'd leave a one with the jail staff.
I requested a new PD/attorney on grounds the current one wasn't performing effectively or in my interest, and was denied because 'my competence was in question'.
The competency hearing was slated for the following month, after Christmas.
Up until this point, I'd been in solitary confinement, denied a means to take notes about the report, had little if any contact with my PD, & was passively denied means to make any calls, the list goes on.

At the competency hearing, I wasn't at all prepared to refute the examiner's claims.
Among other things, WI Statute 971.14(3) says the examiner "shall" include in the report a finding of competency to refuse medications. The finding was incompetence to 1) proceed to trial & 2) refuse medications.
My grievance here is that 971.14(3)(dm) summarily says a defendant is competent to refuse medications if:
After the advantages and disadvantages/alternatives to accepting medication have been explained to the defendant, one of the following is true:
-The defendant is incapable of expressing an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of accepting medication or treatment and the alternatives.
-The defendant is substantially incapable of applying an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to his or her mental illness, developmental disability, alcoholism or drug dependence in order to make an informed choice as to whether to accept or refuse medication or treatment.
971.14(3)(dm) wasn't a part of the examiners assessment nor was it suggest in her report. Pros/Cons to psychotropic medications weren't explained to begin with.
Fast-forward ~2 months, short of the 3-month mandated frequency in which my competency is to be reported by the institute, I was found competent to proceed. Late March, I was released from custody on the strength that COVID was gaining traction, and next appearance was set for September.
Next appearance was summarily a conference on my options to proceed, & I opted for trial which was set for late-September, then postponed to late October (a week ago).
During this ~6-month span, I was nearly coerced by multiple parties to accept a rather reasonable plea bargain, but I opted for trial. 807.13(2)(c) Preliminary hearing was conducted in May & included the accusing officers appearing via Zoom, but at least 1 of them had disabled their video, effectively denying my 6th Amendment right in my opinion. This may be reasonable bc of COVID, but every witness thus far has not appeared in person.
In preparation of witnesses, it appears prosecution initially had 1 of the accusing officers, but upon my refusal of plea bargain 2 family members involved in 1 of the reports were subpoenaed.
Plans changed when in September (last month), my PD again motioned for a competency hearing on grounds of my lack of communication to him, suggesting I'm unable/unwilling to provide him with a meaningful defense because of a mental problem. Again, under 971.14, an evaluation takes place, & I was again incompetent in the opinion of the examiner, both to participate in court & to refuse medication (971.14(3)(dm)). Again, this second examiner failed to include 971.14(3)(dm) in his findings. I questioned my PD about this & his response was essentially that it's not a legally invalid report, that it essentially depends on how the judge interprets 971.14(3)(dm), despite it being non-compliant (in my opinion) with the statute.
Judge recently ruled against changing my council(PD) again, due to my competency being in question.
I tried to reach out to a different attorney for advice, but apparently there are 'ethical reasons' the attorney cannot discuss circumstances of my case with me (based on an atty being currently assigned to my case, & the refusal of the judge to allow my change of council until after competency is determined). He wouldn't discuss hypotheticals about the 971.14(3) statute with me either, didn't really elaborate on why.
Comments / Other Reservations:
When explaining his decision to order 2nd competency evaluation to me, my PD cited a general/vague lack of communication from me, & a particular instance of me failing to claim my innocence or guilt in the following scenario: -PD emails me a document about the prosecutor's plea deal (deferred judgement with conditions), tells me to reply for confirmation that I received it. -In email, PD says he recognizes "that [I] believe [I'm] innocent of each and every count" -In my response, admittedly in poor judgement, I include that "I have not made any claims of my innocence or guilt".
I don't believe my PD ever asked me about my innocence or guilt until a few days ago, by which time his allegation that I'm unwilling to claim innocence/guilt already lead to another competency hearing. Understandably, this is a very particular matter, but it's a serious one. In my opinion, the quality of communication shouldn't be solely based on my shortcomings, but also on the fact that I requested a new atty last year & expressed my problems with him before.

Alcoholism has been an issue previously & was involved in some of the charges, but I've have been sober since before October 2019.
Currently awaiting competency hearing scheduled for this week, examiner appears via Zoom.
Thanks for reading, I should probably add a TLDR;
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2020.10.28 21:59 AcceptableContest5 VR gaming build - silent Ferrari - looking for improvement suggestions

I've been spending a ton of time gaming due to the pandemic, and I just got a raise, so I've decided to go all in on top of the line parts, and live on the bleeding edge for once. I'll be playing a lot in VR with an HP Reverb G2 (pre-ordered), so the main goal of this build is to maintain as close to 90hz as possible in VR while running near-silently. (The Reverb G2 has headphones that hover over the ear without touching, so a quiet PC is important, since the headphones won't block out background noise.)
CPU/chipset I am going with Zen 3 if it really can beat Intel on single-threaded performance, as early leaked benchmarks suggest. But if those rumors don't pan out after the release date on November 4th, I will probably shelve this build and wait until Intel releases its next gen of CPUs early next year, which will finally support PCIe 4.0.
I will do some overclocking, since the massive CPU cooler should let me do that without impacting fan noise too much.
Case/fans/cooling Here is an airflow diagram for this build. I went with the Corsair 4000D because it has good airflow for the GPU area. In particular, it allows an entire front fan to be dedicated to blowing air under the GPU, and it has quite big ventilation holes in its PCI slot cover plates, for rear exhaust. This is super important for keeping temps and noise down with such a big graphics card, because otherwise the card can form a barrier that traps and recirculates hot air underneath, without being able to exhaust it. The other thing to help with that is I will be buying a GPU with a ventilated backplate, which will blow additional hot air out of the GPU area and into the well-ventilated CPU area. (I've specified the FE card in my build, but will buy whichever 3090 I can get my hands on first that has a vented backplate. ASUS and EVGA both do as well, for example.)
I might add an additional exhaust fan in the top back, but a) I am only really concerned about GPU temps, and I'm not sure it will make a difference for that, and b) I want to maintain a high positive air pressure inside of the case to prevent dust buildup. I'll be using my phone's barometer to measure the pressure with vs. without the second exhaust fan, to see whether the extra fan is worth the pressure drop.
RAM speed Leaks suggest at least 4000 MHz to get the best performance out of Zen 3, so I went with that speed. Might go higher but I'd want to see some benchmarks first to see how much of a performance difference it makes.
Motherboard I know I can go for a cheaper motherboard; the main reason I went with this one is because it has enough fan connectors that I won't need to use a fan controller. I have never used a fan controller before though, so open to suggestions if someone thinks that a dedicated controller might be better.
Aesthetics Not the highest priority for me, but I am satisfied that I've been able to maintain a black-with-gray color scheme everywhere.
Suggestions? Anyone see any areas for improvement?
The Build PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X $799.00
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 CHROMAX.BLACK 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler Purchased For $99.95
Thermal Compound Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 1g 1 g Thermal Paste $7.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard $299.99 @ Newegg
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-4000 CL15 Memory $349.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $229.99 @ B&H
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB Founders Edition Video Card $1499.00
Case Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case Purchased For $79.99
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA P2 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $209.94 @ Office Depot
Case Fan (x4) Noctua S12A PWM chromax.black.swap 63.27 CFM 120 mm Fan Purchased For $22.90 (x4: $91.60)
Monitor Dell S2716DG 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor Purchased
VR Headset HP Reverb G2 Purchased
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $3667.44
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-10-28 15:29 EDT-0400
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2020.10.28 21:35 jessferrxo Am i bi?

Hi! So ive always been sexually attracted to girls, ive almost hooked up with one but got scared and bailed :/ im currently in a great relationship with a straight male, and ive only ever dated males, mainly bc thats all i ever knew if that makes any sense? I feel i am more sexually attracted to women than I am romantically. Am i bi? I told my mom and she said ive only ever dated males so i probably only wanted to "experiment". Any advice would be great 🥺 thank you
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2020.10.28 21:23 Revck1 21 [F4F] Older Women

Hey there!
So I've been in the dating scene for as long as I can remember. Pero never ako naging in a relationship. I guess the farthest I've gone was just dating someone exclusively.
Recently, I hang out with a few of my friends and may part sakin na attracted with older women. Realized that nang mas malala kasi may dating sakin mama niya. 😭 Nothing happended tho. Anw, I'm still trying to figure that one out kasi may feeling na ko before niyan bc of quarantine na mas maraming time magisip and I have a huge crush on Inka. Feel ko siya talaga may dahilan ng realization na 'to hahahahahaha
Plus member pa ko dito ng group ng mga older ppl dating younger ppl. Kaya meh.
If you have any experience like this, feel free to message me!
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2020.10.28 21:16 gamer_saint Fined by strata for violations 2 months ago

I am the owner of an apartment in BC. On October 26th I received 7 bylaw violation fines for "not waiting for the parking gate to close before proceeding further."
Dates of the incidents are: Aug 19, Aug 20, Aug 28, Sept 13, Sept 25, Oct 3, Oct 4. The letters say that they have CCTV and fob access evidence, the letter also includes the specific time of each incident. Each of the letters were typed and printed on Oct 19 and I received them all on Monday.
Are they allowed to fine me for things I did over 2 months ago? I was unaware of this bylaw and would have no issue correcting if I was notified of it in August.
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2020.10.28 21:10 CunningStunt22 What should I do to reignite interest here? Or just move on?

I’ve been seeing this girl for about two months. The first 6 weeks or so were awesome, we hung out several times a week, interest was clearly super high, she texted me a lot and actively tried to make plans.
However, things seem to have changed in the last couple weeks. I saw her a few days before she went on a trip, we had sex a few times that night and had a talk about moving slow and not committing to an exclusive relationship until we really know each other (I’m fine with this and have been dating other girls the whole time). She texted me nonstop while she was on her trip, but ever since she has been back things seem to have changed. She doesn’t text me nearly as much (days go by without me hearing from her). Last week we were talking about getting together and at first she was enthusiastic, then didn’t respond for a couple days and said she was feeling sick so we didn’t. This week I reached out to see if she was feeling better (yes) and invited her to din and she said she could maybe one night but has to be in bed early (she’s going on another trip next day).
At this point I can tell interest has declined, though I don’t know why. I told her ok maybe we can meet when you’re back, bc I don’t want some short dinner date that’s a waste of my time. I’m not planning to text her again and if she reaches out cool but if not seems like it’s time to move on.
Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on alternative approaches here. I like this girl a lot and really do want to keep seeing her, but I’m not gonna chase when I’ve made it clear I’m interested. Confused about what changed tbh, I didn’t do anything to make her lose interest.
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2020.10.28 20:52 gaylordt Can i have your opinion on this ? Weird situation and idk what to make of it

So I've posted about this before, but I'm still at a crossroads. I (f17) have been seeing this guy(25m) for over a year
The relationship started in the summer when i was 16 he was 23. We met on a dating app. we hooked up. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I saw red flags but I accepted because he seemed nice and he was my type. So for the next few months I was expecting to create a bond with this guy! I liked him a lot but he was making my life hell. For these reasons, I broke up with him;
  1. I felt like a toy. He was using me for my body I think. He only ever wanted sex
  2. He would ask me for my sister's contact information and got mad when i didn't give it to him. He said shes cute and wanted to talk to her. She is closer to his age (22) so ofc i felt a bit jealous. I didn't want to feel jealous of my sis! Besides, what an asshole
  3. The stupid sex tape that yes I consented to but i asked him, basically begging that he delete it. he refused and actually tried to blackmail me saying he was going to expose me if I don't obey him
  4. This was at a time that I felt super guilty for losing my virginity in the first place. I was raised catholic. I'm over it now but at the time I was crying every day. I did not want to be having sex. But I didn't want to lose him or look uncool by saying so.
  5. We went on 1 'date' the entire time we've known each other but I think that was just a setup for public sex
But stupid little me ! I missed him so much ! So I reached out to him in the beginning of quarantine (March) and I was happy because I truly have feelings for him and I just wanted to be in his radar. But still something wasn't right. The age difference was really getting to me and for a while i was convinced that he was a predator or pedophile of sorts. And he got much more aggressive during sex. He would slap my face and choke me until I passed out. (This was with consent so no problem but I feel like its an important detail). He likes BDSM and gets turned on when i say no but the problem is when i say no i mean it ! And ive had real life trauma where ive done sexual things against my will. So i got scared tbh. I decided to tell the police everything because honestly, why was he fucking with a 16 year old in the first place.
So I did tell the police but I cancelled the case. I was acting emotionally , I thought there is still hope for us and we can learn from the past and make this work. But I should have spoken to the detective and gotten the interview over with. I think this guy was manipulative and coercive. And I have reasons to believe he really is a predator. Besides, that sex tape was child porn bc i was underage..
I think we are both very toxic to each other. Me because i always feel defensive and him because he is simply an asshole. But in other ways he is so perfect and I wouldn't mind getting married to him tomorrow !! I love this ugly bastard and idk if I should keep trying or go through with the telling the police thing or just ghost him right now and forget about it. Help ?
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2020.10.28 20:41 lissywithnobrim Giving 2k in royale high for 1k in adopt me cash

-The way you pay me will be through a hotdog stand
-I can go first if you have proof but if not can you please go first.
-If your join date is as new as in 1-2 weeks from now then I am not comfortable going first bc it's almost impossible to be level 75 in 14 days o_o
-If you have "an adopt me account" and an "rh account" then sorry I don't wanna go first bc thats sus
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2020.10.28 20:33 ur_ok Am I a traumatized LESBIAN MIMIC or a COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUAL GIRL?? LET'S PLEASE FIND OUT I can't take the uncertainty anymore

20 f, never dated anyone, never had sex. Not because nobody likes me, but out of confusion about my sexuality. So it all began with me being a little tomboy girl. I was very active, assertive, played with boys mostly. Then i discovered on the news at age 6 that you could theoretically change sex and I instantly thought 'oh cool gonna be a dude when im an adult'. No thoughts of gender yet, just frustrations with societal gender roles. When i hit puberty, i realised something was different about me. Everyone thought i was a lesbian and called me names all throughout high school. Thus began my depression and body dismorphia (at the time i thought it was gender dysphoria, and considered myself a transguy). The bullies were mostly male. Now it's all good, I'm my usual self, depression&dismorphia r gone, but the actual reason I'm writing this is I can't figure out my sexuality.
All my close friends are lesbians (accidental). Everyone around me says their gay-radar says I am one too. But I don't think I am? My only sexual experiments were with my female friend in high school, she is as straight as humanly possible, very conservative. I somehow convinced her us two should date, and we sort of did. We held hands, kissed and never went past that, and I don't remember if I enjoyed it or not (i have few memories of high school, depression fucked up my memory). I think it was just out of pure angst and desire to feel some sense of belonging and a relationship.
My sexual fantasies are mostly about men. When I thought I was trans, I read gay fanfiction and shit. I think it screwed my sexuality up somehow, making me sort of dismiss women's sexuality. I was never attracted to guys irl though. Everytime I get attention from males, I am either disgusted by them or just indifferent about it. And actually I'm often approached by very obviously latent gay guys. I think they subconsciously want to fail, and that's why they flirt with me. I live in a very homophobic country.
I have trouble figuring my sexuality out, because i know I'm not ace, there's definitely SOMETHING there, but I don't know what. I like the IDEA of dating a guy, but I just never find ones irl I'd consider attractive. Am I afraid of men?
And I'm afraid if i try dating girls, I'd end up realising I'm actually straight. Women actually find me attractive, and I'd hate dissappointing them bc I feel like a fraud when flirting with them :(
And my only true crush was a transguy. Which doesn't clear anything up.
&i find female bodies attractive, more so than male. but idk how to differentiate sexual interest from aesthetic appreciation
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2020.10.28 20:27 anony-nony Should I tell my mom about my relationship?

I (23F) have been dating my partner (29M) for almost a year now. It's my 2nd ever relationship and it's going really well, but I don't know if I should tell my mother about it. As of now, she doesn't even know my partner exists, nvm that I’m dating.
For context - I still live at home while I'm finishing my degree and can't afford to move out until I finish. My mother is very traditionally catholic (no sex until marriage, no bc, no staying over at male friend's houses, etc.) I knew what she was like and I didn't tell her about my last relationship either bc I knew she'd flip. However, last time she looked through my stuff at some point (I know it's fucked up) and found out without me telling her.
I've been going to my partner's house often (this is allowed under our area's covid guidelines), which I know she would be really angry about, and just lying about where I am. I like spending time there with him, but he lives pretty far and it's exhausting to take public transport so far so often. I've spent the night at his a few times, again, always lying about where I am. In general she's very controlling and judgemental and I know she wouldn't approve of any of the things I'm doing. She's just incredibly suspicious of anyone who isn't family/whose family we don't know, since she's from a relatively small town where everyone knows everyone, but I moved away for uni to a much bigger city where we don't know anyone.
If I got caught again I know she'd be incredibly angry and tbh I don't want to have to deal with all that again.
So far the reasons I’ve got are:
  1. It would mean my partner could come to my place, and I wouldn't have to go to his all the time.
  2. Eliminates the possibility of getting caught, since I’ll just come out with it.
  3. I can see myself being with my partner long term, so eventually he'd have to be introduced.
  4. I do feel guilty about lying so much, so this would help in that respect.
  1. If I told her I was dating she still wouldn't approve of us spending time together "unsupervised" - it might make it harder to spend time with him at his place.
  2. I don't know what her reaction will be
  3. I don't know how to broach the subject in the first place
  4. I'm worried that she won't like my partner - I don't care if she likes him or not, but if she doesn't she will 100% make it known.
I just don't know what to do. I do feel bad for lying so much, and I usually justify it by thinking that I’m not doing anything to hurt anyone else, or myself, so it's okay, but it does bug me sometimes. I've met my partner's parents and they're absolutely lovely people. Sometimes I'm a bit jealous that his parents are involved in his life and don't judge him for it. It feels weird that someone else's parents know more about me than my own.
Sorry for the long post!
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2020.10.28 20:07 blueboo10x True story or nah

Aquarius men be like- Im gonna play with this girls feelings and head and then when she says something about it, im gonna gaslight her into oblivion and make her seem obsessed with me and then still never leave her alone bc im the obsessed one
aquarius men b like "yea i dont wanna date u but i still want u to be obsessed with me all while im ruining your life n talking to other girls bc i cant communicate feelings"
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2020.10.28 19:54 bonitoflake8 My (19f) boyfriend’s (20m) mother is getting to me.

My boyfriend and I started dating almost 2 years ago. The first time I met his mom, the first thing she talked to me about (in front of my bf) was his recent ex gf and how much she loved him, so I already knew the relationship between her and I would be rocky from the start. I knew that him and his mom were close too, as she had the primary role in raising him. (Her and my boyfriend immigrated to the States when he was very young, and she was essentially a single mom at that time.)
To save hours upon hours on why I don’t like this woman (a complete narcissist, goes and gets sketchy plastic surgery in other countries to save money, stole Bf’s tax return at the beginning of the pandemic even tho she makes 6 figures [right after he moved states alone, might I add], a blatant racist, dated multiple men at once and made Bf lie about it/act normal around them [even I had to meet her secret bf.]), she has BF wrapped around her finger. I have complete empathy for the fact that she took her child out of a dangerous situation and pretty much singlehandedly moved across the world for her son to have a better life. And OBVIOUSLY, I’m thinking... if she’s the woman that raised the man I’m in love with, why is it so challenging for me to see past all of this?
Let me fast forward a little. Back in January, BF decided he wanted to take a break from college, as: 1) he was miserable in his major and had no idea what he wanted to study, so he was tired of wasting his parents’ money 2) we were long distance (for the second time in our relationship) and he wanted to move to be with me and to make money, while he decided what he wants to do as a living (he has since then found his passion which is cooking/culinary, once again his mom said that he shouldn’t work amongst “low class people like that.” and to find a “real job” and that cooking is “only for fun”[even though she just took a trip to Vegas with her 35 year old boyfriend to go to a celebrity’s restaurant, bc that’s clearly fine. he also will send pics of the food we make and she’ll say how great it looks and that he’s “her little chef”])
Last night he called his mom. As described by BF, these calls always consist of “come back home” and “when are you going back to school.” They had a bit of a heated discussion during most of the call, I could tell she was nagging on and annoying him, but by the end it’s all “oh mom I miss you I can’t wait to see you again.” He ends the call with his mom, turns to me and says “Wow. My mom REALLY doesn’t like you.” I got so angry I started ripping things off walls, slamming the door and screaming. BF and I were able to have a discussion and at least go to bed for the night. But since I’ve woken up this morning I have a giant pit in my stomach. I still don’t feel good. He said “I understand you want to have a good relationship with my mom, but right now we need to focus on each other and saving up so we can move.” I agree fully. But I literally can’t sleep with or fathom the thought that I, a 19 y/o, am more supportive and kind and caring towards my bf then his mom has showed him since he’s moved away (oh and btw, when he moved, his mom immediately found a job/housing elsewhere and moved across the country, but she still blames me for everything). But to him, she’s this perfect mother figure that took care of him when he was younger. But here’s the thing: 1) she’s made it clear she wants him back at school (when that’s not NECESSARILY what he wants) 2) she wants him to move where she is now and has stated that the only way she’ll help him financially is if he moves to her
So I get it, his mom hates me because I “took him away” from the opportunity at a 4 year college (once again, he was getting depressed from having such a terrible time in college [when he mentioned his depression to his mom she said that there is nothing to have depression over and that depression is for weak-minded people]).
I am absolutely fucking terrified of losing my bf. And honestly, we fight more about his parents and how the way they treat him infuriates me more than anything else we argue about.
He’s told me he loves me so much and that I’m not losing him but I can’t help these thoughts sometimes. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, even both of my parents who were weary at first love him to death like he’s their own son (my dad sends him more “I’m proud of you, you’re doing great” texts to him than his father and mother.) He is so sweet, kind and caring and I know he wants to see the best in everyone, esp. a family member. But it’s to the point where all she’s doing is spreading negative thoughts and words about me, about him, about our relationship, etc. She’s not giving anything positive in return yet that’s all BF wants to give to her. And I don’t mind taking that role of supporting my bf the way he needs it, but the thing is is mom ISN’T, yet she gets anything she wants through him.
I can only imagine he’s fearful of losing his mom and her support as well. I know the feeling as I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents growing up. I just wish he would stand up for me against her sometimes, instead of letting her babble on about why I’m a terrible person and he goes “okay mom I get it.” I just wish he could say “Mom, I love this woman and this is the way things are and if you can’t support me then I don’t want to talk about it.” I want her to know that I’m not a part of the problem (in the way that BF was unhappy w school way before he met me) and that maybe if she spent more time trying to get to know her son and his passions and interests then maybe she would have a different perspective.
Please help me. I’m sorry for this long read and I appreciate any feedback. Also sorry if any of this is confusing, so much has happened over these 2 years it’s hard to make my jumbled thoughts cohesive. If you need any clarifications pls lmk. Thank you and stay safe.
TL;DR my boyfriend’s mom hates me because he put a pause on college that he hated to be with me, all she does is spread negativity to him but he still listens to her and puts her on a pedestal while I have to pick up on the slack of her lack of support and I’m getting terrified of losing him
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2020.10.28 19:48 username111312 Why does it seem most bi people are greedy

I was talking to a girl last night and they mentioned how they were bi and just got out of a 5 month relationship (with a guy). They admitted they fantasized about other girls and only masturbated to them, yada yada. They were dating a guy despite them saying they had a stronger and more preference for girls, and they were looking for a serious relationship.
Uh what?
They only wanted a guy for the protection and security (her own words) because most girls they dated she would be the more "dominate" one, probably bc she was bigger in all areas, plus most girls can't offer security in the same ways.
This really got me thinking about the gendesex roles of today's society. Where the heck is the equality? We can't have traditional sex roles if we want equality, but why are people still trying to keep them? Which do we actually want? Why are people picking and choosing from both new and old roles to create all these double standards. It doesn't work like that, we can't have our cake and eat it too. Dafaq is all this entitlement and expectations.
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2020.10.28 19:48 PhunkyPhish Roommate caused eviction. How to handle debt collector?

Hi! I need some help with a debt collector... but some backstory may help so here it goes!
Over a year ago I was evicted (by a judged) due to back owed rent. I was in a 2BR apartment with a (craiglist) roommate. We had a joint lease (both responsible). I had 'taken over' the lease from another individual only a month or so into the 12 month lease (He moved from across the country for a job, didn't realize how much the traffic from the location affected his commute).
Long story short(er), she immediately fell behind on rent causing me to have to 'remind her'. She always had an excuse: "Oh I forgot", "oh i dropped the check off... weird" etc. She would typically get back on it though. However at one point she totally deferred paying rent for the alternative: constantly flights and trips, some out of the country with he friends. At a certain point, I was locked out from paying "my half" in the payment portal. With constant trips to the management office, I begged to pay my half, or options to get out of the lease. I was told I was "in a shitty situation, but nothing could be done but pay the rent in full".
After court hearing was served my roommate assured me "oh don't even respond to that, I have it all handled. This is on me so I am taking care of it". I followed up re: it several times and she always told me the "new status" of what her lawyer was doing. (turns out the 'lawyer' was a paralegal friend, who was doing NOTHING). Well... one day I get a text from her... "hey I am in France with friends but there is a court case you need to go to tomorrow morning. Dont worry, nothing is going to happen you just need to show up and say I want a new date bc I am out of country"

I show up, the judge says "hey.. you never sent a response back... only your roommate did. You can stay in the court room but you lost your right to argue." The plaintiff answered and provided all his evidence against my roommate and myself to the court, the judge ruled an eviction.
Now to the present... where I need help. I am currently being pursued for over $20,000 in back rent, charges, and interest. I answered a phone call from the collector just over a month ago. I didn't knot acknowledge the debt, but asked for proof of burden and itemization of debt. I received it today, just over a month later (was post marked within the month though). Here is the thing...

The documents provided show the itemization of costs... and the ORIGINAL RENTAL AGREEMENT. This has the OLD roommate's agreement on it, and his name. Nowhere in the provided "proof of burden" does it have my name, other than on the cover letter of the documents which is just a address header, nothing to do with the source of debt.

Can I use this as leverage to void the burden of debt? If so, what do I need to do?

Now, I did mention that at a point "I could not pay any more rent due to being locked out"... so one may argue I owe something... hell one could argue per the rental agreement I owe in FULL... but it was my roommates actions that directly caused ~75%+ OF THAT $20,000. So with that said... if full drop of debt is not an option given the details above... could a certain avenue be approached to leverage a significantly lower settlement?

Anything can help.... I appreciate it!

Side note: I know that craiglist roommates.. bad idea... putting myself in a "hope they pay" situation bad... and other mistakes were made along the way. Feel free to point these out for others and myself moving forward, but in the end I am seeking solutions to the current problems :)
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